Success Stories


I had been to pain specialists and so called headache clinics. They all prescribed me heavy medications. None of them ever mentioned seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist to see if it would help. I was referred to Dr. Carter by a friend who said that the treatment really helped her and that Dr. Carter's office staff was really nice and helpful. I was desperate and decided to go for an appointment. Dr. Carter said that I had a postural problem and severe muscle tension that radiated from my shoulders all the way to my head. He pressed on a few spots that shot pain into my head just above my eye. That's what my headaches felt like. He recommended a course of treatment with adjustments, massage, and nutritional supplements. 'Within a few weeks my headaches were less severe and less frequent. After about 3 months of treatment my headaches were virtually gone. I tossed all the drugs I had been taking in the trash. I see Dr. Carter on a regular basis to adjust me and help my muscles relax. He says that my posture is improving. I recommend Dr. Carter to everyone I hear complaining about pain. He saved my life!!!!


Ok it took me a while but I finally decided to see a Chiropractor. I went to Dr. Carter's office. My wife sees Dr. Carter and she sent me in. Her friends also see Dr. Carter. I thought I would see what it was all about. My guard was up when I entered and I was skeptical. I didn't really have any expectations. The first thing I noticed that impressed me was that his staff greeted me like they have known me for years, I didn't know them but I guess they knew me from my wife. They made the paperwork go smooth, and they even laughed at some of my jokes. Dr. Carter came out and greeted me and took me on back. He let me tell him what I thought was wrong and then had me do some tests and movements to see what was wrong. He took a few x-rays and then brought me in to see them. I don't remember any doctor actually showing me my x-rays before. He told me that there was some degeneration and pointed out the areas on the x-rays where I felt pain and stiffness. Allright so far so good doc. Then he gave me my first treatment I thought it would hurt but it didn't. It took a few weeks but then I started noticing I could turn my neck farther and I felt like I had more energy at the end of the day. He recommended some vitamins and exercises which also made a real difference. I continue to see Dr. Carter on a pretty routine basis.


I have been a patient of Dr. Carter for about 4 weeks. When I received my first treatment I had lots of pain in my back. After two or three weeks the pain was gone and as I continue my treatment I have more flexibility. How lucky I am! Another bonus comes from the wonderful caring nature of his staff. They make me want to have back problems the rest of my life. I am now at the age of 90.

-H.T Connor


When I first came in to Dr. Carter's office I was experiencing lower back pain. Previously I had tried to treat the pain on my own with stretching, exercise and pain medication. Dr. Carter has helped improve my flexibility and lowered my pain levels significantly. Before I couldn't play sports as I used to and my movement was severely limited. Now I feel wonderful , the pain is nearly gone and my range of movement has increased dramatically. My treatment with Dr. Carter has improved my daily performance and mental health. I would highly recommend HealthSource of North Raleigh for their professional and courteous service and commitment to helping others restore their health.

-Michael Woods